KalusteMuovi Virtala: Further boosts to production are in the works

In January 2016, Ferroplan supplied KalusteMuovi Virtala with an automated storage system for its work with plastic sheets. Built in connection with the cutting station, this wireless system comprises a vacuum lifting device, a beam trolley system, and 90 storage positions. Jouko Virtala of KalusteMuovi Virtala says that when the company was faced with the need to boost its production, he acquired a new building to house the necessary cutting station and storage system. Ferroplan was selected as the supplier on the strength of its convenient location and positive experiences of earlier collaboration.


‘We needed to act, because we were behind in our cutting operations and deliveries were late. We had to automate some of our operations,’ says Virtala. The improvements to efficiency also helped his company reduce its costs. In the past, plastic sheets were transferred manually and with forklifts. The new system has not only speeded up deliveries but also improved safety. With the automated solution, KalusteMuovi Virtala can perform all the cutting processes seamlessly and complete deliveries easily in the course of a single working day, which has reduced wastage. A customer arriving to pick up a delivery can receive the products within only a few minutes.


An investment spurred by improvements in warehouse management and quality


Thanks to the automated storage system, the company now has up-to-date information on its warehouse stocks and can check the inventory details with a push of a button. Real-time information on sheet numbers and weights contributes to more efficient planning of production. Delivery quality has improved, since the sheets now are stored indoors in heated facilities and the vacuum lifter ensures that they remain cleaner and securely in place. The financial benefits brought by the new system are considerable, according to Virtala.


Everyone at KalusteMuovi Virtala has been happy with Ferroplan’s delivery. The automated system has met the objectives set for it. Cutting operations have become considerably more efficient, and deliveries are on schedule again. ‘We are planning to install another automated line, so it’s all looking good,’ explains Virtala. He says that everything has gone to plan and urges Ferroplan to keep up the good work.


Lahti-based KalusteMuovi Virtala is a family-run business. Its operations encompass the import, sale, and further processing of semi-finished plastic products (sheets, films, and beams), with experience spanning more than three decades.

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